University of Greenwich, 14-17 juli, 2015

Suzan Langenberg en Anouschka Klesadt gaan van 14 tot 17 juli 2016 Diversity – Campus Gelbergen vertegenwoordigen tijdens een conferentie georganiseerd door Philosophy of Management in Oxford. 

Zij leveren een bijdrage als track convenor.  Hierna vindt u een beknopte samenvatting.  De volledige bijdrage vindt u via deze link

First session Friday 15th of July, 9 am – 10:30
We start this session with four short introductions of paper presenters (Langenberg, Schmidt, Schnitzer, Schönbeck).
We focus on organizational change as an effect of transforming production methods and environments, globalization and ICT technology (Laloux, Petrie, Beyers). Due to these changes the quality of human contact appears to be more decisive than ever. ‘New way of working’ dislocates dialogue towards the era of the unexpected. Can we organize the unexpected? Is it possible to link the unexpected to an expected result, to a provisioned target?

Second session Friday 15th of July, 2 pm – 3:30
This second session builds on the results of the first and focuses on a dialogue with the participants. Cases will be submitted and participants will be invited to give their contribution by the use of The world café method amongst others.


Meer info over de conferentie: Philosophy of Management Conference 2016